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Whatever form of communication works for you,  I am happy to support your choice. I will call you back within a responsible time frame, always. Let "Movin'On" give you life’s most precious commodity back…time. 

I welcome you to meet my clients, they gave me their  "To Do List" while they were pursuing personal goals, enjoying retirement, or just focusing on the more important things in life. My life hasn't be the same since making life challenges doable and we are doing it together not alone. 

Hometown Northfield, Mn.  Fourth generation pursuing a  career in service.  Raised our children in the Northfield community. Married a Northfield guy so pretty much we are local people.  I would love to share more!

We work to customize our services to meet those needs.  

We offer an extensive line of support when preparing your home for a sale, arranging for senior relocation or wishing there was more time in your week.  Our commitment is in doing everything in our power to provide peace of mind, low stress, and a sense of security to all of our clients.  We are always finding ways to do more so that you can do less!

Free Initial Consultation please call 507-581-9400.

I find it necessary to take a few minutes and explain that I truly do know how you are feeling.  This challenge is daunting, yet you knew enough to reach out to someone to assist you. Nothing could be any more difficult than the loss of a loved one, a divorce or the reality that your home is now going to be someone elses.  We will be there for you. That is my promise.   

 An Estate Sale is the perfect solution to sell the contents of your home. This process can be overwhelming and often heartbreaking. We handle your sale with a fresh approach to benefit all parties. Tastefully displaying your items to enhance purchasing. We handle all of this and do this with your best interest at heart. 


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Whenever you are researching a town, it's best to talk with the locals as they know their town best. The locals  have more information than you could shake a stick at.  It sounds like a cheesy movie, but it's true.

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